"A healthier dog means a happy dog & a happier owner". Our dogs have special needs & similar needs as do humans. Dogs, by nature, are very social & need the similar stimulation & atmosphere to learn invaluable skills in order to function at full mental, physical & spiritual capacity. The key benefits of Doggy Daycare are:

  • Teaching invaluable social skills & how to play & interact well with other dogs & people.
  • Serves as an outlet for energy & acting out with playtime activities & freetime with other dogs & people of all ages for a healthier aptitude & attitude.
  • A healthy stress-free & cage-free environment for learning their own capacities with confidence & self-esteem.
  • Good physical stamina & condition maintenance & training through running, jumping & playing.
  • Good nutrition with Life's Abundance food groups & self-discipline through structured guidance & activities with proper doggy daycare.
    *Please inquire at CoCo's Doggy Daycare for more info
  • A "spiritual" sense of being for learning relaxation & nap-time