“My name is CoCo and I am a teacup Yorkshire terrier born July 20, 2006 in Beverly, MA (outside of Boston). I was born into a litter of siblings that are too many to count and was considered the “ugly ducking”. While my siblings were bouncing, yapping, tramping on me and my bed, tearing up our masters rugs and things, and leaving surprises all over the floors, I stayed in my only private snuggie and dreamed of my future boutique Canine Club, travel, and a sunny, warm beach. I wanted to be a “beach babe” and definitely not a “snow bunny”. I was born on a blistery, freezing day along the north Atlantic Coast and my feet stuck to the ground in white stuff the first day I walked and I decided then that this was not for me. While watching a big motion screen everyday, I saw a picture of happy dogs frolicking on a white, sandy beach in waves and chasing birds in a place called called “Florida,” and knew right then that is where I wanted to be.

We had quite a few human visitors over the course of time as I was getting older and growing in centimeters. These visitors would come and play with us for a little while and then always leave with one or two of my siblings having paid no attention to me. I was what they called the “runt” and very shy and quiet and would stay safely in my snuggie and dream of that Canine Club at the Beach in Florida. I was not going to give up my dream and needed to figure out how I was going to get there.

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