Abbie Mitchell on her spa day.  Abbie's mom, Roberta, works with Coco's mom and she is a Texas girl from Dallas!





Basil lives in East Lansing,
Michigan. She is down in NSB for the winter. She will have fun meeting other dogs at Cocos

Scooter and Abbee reside in Palm Coast with their proud parents and their mom works with Kimbra.



Hi I am Jazzie. My dad works with CoCo’s mom at Nova. I am a Poodle Jack Russell Mix and am super smart. They rescued me from a shelter and I am soooo happy they did. I live up in Massachusetts and right now there is too much snow. I would love to visit CoCo down in Florida. I love my stuffed toys and love cuddling. I live with a cat named Pandora. We tolerate each other and sometimes we do play.
Harley Dude (pictured on right) was born December 28, 2007 in Dallas Texas. He is the youngest of our family. When he was a puppy I use to carry him like a baby all the time and he thinks he still weights 10 pounds. He is a 75 pounds AKC brindle boxer with the goofiest face ever. He is loving and fun and loves to help around the house. His favorite chores are to get the Daddy's socks to the laundry room and to pick up the mail and bring it inside. He is a good guardian dog and very loving to his sister Brandy.

Brandy Brynn (pictured on left) was born July 15, 2007 in Fort Worth Texas. She was a promised to our daughter and now she is our little girl. She loves attention and playing ball with Daddy and chasing birdies. She enjoys taking naps with sissy during the afternoon. Brandy is and AKC brindle boxer from a championship line, her grandfather was a champion. She is very protective of her little brother Harley, they are always together.

Hi Coco ! My name is Cooper (aka Coopa da Poopa) and I live in Boston , MA . I am almost three years old with TONS of spunk during the day and then I become the biggest cuddle bug at night. My mom, Kate, took me in when I was only 8 weeks old and tells me everyday that I am the light of her life. I think she is right because every time she goes out, she comes home with a new toy or bone for me to play with; but I still prefer her shoes!! I heard through the Hardy Dogs that you have a really fun place to go run, play, and even nap! I love being outside in the warm weather, so maybe we can come visit you one day when the snow becomes too much for me to handle.

Meet "Zeus" (Akita mix) and "Mitchi" (terrier mix), the "Jackson Boys" below.  They are the adopted  loveable boys of Mr & Mrs Eugene Jackson in Atlanta Georgia and they love to run & play in the great dog parks in Atlanta and are the ying and yang to each other.
Max is one of our first VIP Canine Members and is a miniature schnauzer that stands sentinel at CoCo's since our opening in 2009. His mom, Carol, bakes goodies for all of CoCo's canine members and workers. Carol is a beach lover sweetheart and she and Max are part of ourCoCo's family.

Meet "Ebony" (housemate with Bruno from North Carolina.  Ebony is "chilling" at his mom, Susan's house.  His grin tells you that "he and Bruno rule!

This is "Bruno" from North Carolina; his mommy works at Duke University Hospital. Bruno's birthday is May 6th and he is 6 yrs old. He loves birthday parties and is the "center of attention" at all parties and his mom, Susan's, life.

Allie and Dexter Szelag are sister and brother whom live in Melbourne Florida, with mom Edwina and dad. They love the holidays and have special outfits for all occasions, so that they can be in fashion as their "home greeters."









Allie Cook likes playing the Easter bunny and sometimes believes she is with her pure white coat and disguise that she wears at CoCo's. Happy Easter from Allie!





Cassie, the Shepard mix, was rescued from Puerto Rico as a pup. She's now the old lady of the house at 11 years old. She sometimes barks at people walking by the window like a grouchy old maid, but still plays like a puppy. She loves chasing balls and sleeping on our bed with her head on the pillow best! Rocky, the Chinese Crested powder puff, was for sale at a pet store when he got really sick. Rob's sister worked there and gave him to us to nurse back to health. And he never left! He is the instigator of the house, always barking and chasing the other two even though he is the smallest. He also loves sticking his head in our shoes, weirdo! Franklin is the baby of the family at 2 years old. Being a Lab, his first love is food. He is clumsy at times, but it never phases him. He loves running around the house, under tables, and over the couch. And he's the biggest snuggle bug I have ever met! At night, he's always right next to us on the bed keeping us warm!




Shannon is a baby girl Jack Russel from Plymouth, MA who loves to play with golf balls as she lives across Highway A1A in the Northeast which she darts across with major traffic to get to the golf course across the highway and she loves to chase squirrels and chipmunks which are in abundance. She lives right on the ocean and gazes out thinking about the Atlantic Coast in Florida where she can one day visit CoCo's Canine Club and NSB.








Princess Charlie is a pug/pit bull mix whom lives in Deltona and is Grandma Sandy's dog and loves to watch TV with her doggles on and begs to come to NSB everytime grandma does.










I can't wait to visit you. It's been really hot here in Tucson. Randy takes me to the farm when he goes early in the morning and I spend time hanging around the horses and playing with 9 other dogs. You know my family background is herding and I love the horses. I have ancestors that date back to the Italians and the Germans that herded cattle. Randy tells me how wonderful Kimbra and Al are with their new friends. Randy says Kimbra has an amazing background in healthcare and I'm sure she can handle anything.

Luv Toby.






Hi CoCo, I am a "Wiley Riley" Westie and live in Connecticut with my mother, Jolly Molly. I have alot of energy and love to play and would really love to join your Canine Club. Your camp looks really great and I, too, want to run on the beach at New Smyrna Beach. I will be your "Bestie Westie" of CoCo's Canine Club!










My name is Penny and I live in Palm Harbour/Clearwater, Florida with my great mom, Sharon. I am a "MinPin" and my ancestry dates back to ancient Germany where I was known as a "Reh Pinscher," of "small red deer." I freely pranced and roamed the German forests as "King of the Toys" (toy breeds). I am feisty, agile, theatrical and full of vim and vigor. I also live with a big cat named "Socks" whom could knock my socks off but I am too fast for her to catch. I like it that way!







Hercules loves shoes and water but not rides in the car. He has alot of outdoor space to run and swim and has a "white" lab twin neighbor whom he shares alot of time with. His little brother is a Jack Russell named Enzo that is teaching Hercules how to use a computer. Hercules hails from a long line of great laborador retrievers and his mom works with Ms. Kimbra, CoCo's mom.









This is Brandi, a Lhasa Apso. She is 6 months old and loves people. A lady told me "there's that cute puppy that everyone in the neighborhood is talking about." She is a sweetheart.








This is "Buster," one of our canine gang members and he is really cool. He is "hound-dog" with some beagle mixed in and gives us the "evil" eye when he doesn't like something we said. Buster has alot of 'disguises' and we really believe he thinks he is a doggy-detective as he is always helping us corral the other dogs and stays in his own space overseeing activities during his day at daycare. (His mom is an attorney, so the pension for wanting to be "law-like" runs in the family. Matthew is his big buddy at home).








Hi Coco! My name is Bo. I was recently rescued by Kimbra and Al's friend Randy. I was left in the desert and now I'm enjoying the good life! Randy has a great place with a doggie door. I even have my own cell phone. We live in Tucson. I'm with Randy as much as possible and even when he puts Tucker in the horse trailer and takes off for the weekends. Tucker is a big red horse. Life is good! Come see us in Arizona!