Bombarded by choices?  Walk into any pet store and the dog food choices are overwhelming. Navigating the aisles with little or no guidance is not an easy task; many of the processed brands claim to be healthy. So what is the right option for you and your dog?

The truth. The majority of these “healthy” ingredients are so far removed from    their natural state through over processing that they are no longer nutritionally viable. They have been stripped of the valuable vitamins, minerals and    amino acids which help dogs to properly absorb  the nutrition they are given. In addition, the “One Size Fits All” (OSFA) approach to dog food simply does not  work.  An Example: sure, you can find age appropriate senior blends, but is every senior dog really the same? Like humans, each dog has their own specific needs, and most of these needs simply cannot be met by the OSFA dog foods lining the aisles at our pet stores.

The answer .At Coco’s Gourmet Canine Cuisine we use local and regional fresh, organic, whole foods from sustainable and ethical sources. We supplement these nutrient-packed ingredients with a premium probiotic and amino acid compound which aids your dog’s digestion, supports urinary tract health, and strengthens your best friend’s immune system to assist in preventing allergies and illness. On top of this, we enrich our food with valuable vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog gets everything they need to live the Healthiest, Longest Life possible.

We believe every dog is    different. At Coco’s Gourmet, we get to know you and your dog’s specific needs. We create a custom nutrient-ratio and meal plan personalized to your dog’s lifestyle, genetics, and long-term health goals to help them    thrive. Every step we take is done with your dog’s best interest in mind.

At Coco’s Gourmet Canine Cuisine, we care about keeping the environment clean and safe for you, your dog, and all of the plants and animals who share it with us.  We use environmentally-friendly, 100% biodegradable and compostable containers made from plant based materials. This packaging contains no harmful chemicals or plastics, and is safe for the environment. Our easy to-use containers are perfect for heating, re-heating and freezing your dog’s meals.

  • The healthy choice
  • Locally and regionally sourced organic whole food ingredients
  • Custom nutrient ratios and personalized dietary   plans to meet    your dog’s specific nutritional needs
  • Convenient, pre-portioned meals packed in microwave and freezer-safe environmentally-friendly   biodegradable containers
  • Formulated for superior health, energy, emotional wellness and longevity
  • Supplemented with premium probiotics and amino acids to strengthen the immune system and promote urinary tract and digestive wellness
  • Enriched with daily vitamin and mineral compounds for optimal nutrition to help your dog meet their full potential and live their best life
  • Great tasting recipes even a finicky eater will enjoy